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Thank you Mandy Nydegger!

“As a very active athlete in multiple disciplines, I was hesitant to hire a trainer to achieve my goals in triathlons on top of the coaches with whom I already worked. Contrary to my concerns, a trainer was exactly what I needed. Hollis took the time to assess what I was already doing in my weekly schedule of activities, and designed my half Ironman training program around my martial arts and competitive dance training schedules and helped re-design my nutrition program to accommodate for the extra workload. She worked with me weekly to strengthen and adjust my workouts to attend to muscle groups and joints that were undertrained, needed more mobility and had limitations from old injuries and muscle memory. After working with Hollis, I finished the year with an intense competition schedule: a half Ironman, a belt testing at high altitude, and a martial arts tournament, at which I took grand champion. More importantly than finishing these events, my body is healthy, I’m not fighting my weight through the holidays, and I have no end-of-the-year injuries from over training, undertraining or some of the chronic joint and muscle issues that come with being an athlete. Hollis’s expertise and commitment to her client has been a pivotal part of my health and achieving my goals this year. Her personality and enthusiasm for what she does has been paramount in keeping me engaged through a trying schedule and makes training sessions enjoyable!” – Mandy


Thank you Cody Allison!

“When I was a freshman at The Ohio State University I was looking for cycling club and accidentally stumbled across the triathlon club so I gave it a try. At the first practice is where I met (kind of ) Hollis. She was a much better swimmer than I was so the first practice was more about me not drowning instead of making friends. Through the next 6 years at Ohio State, Hollis and I became very good friends and both became very dedicated to the OSU Triathlon Club. Her third year in the club she served as president and then asked me to take her place when she graduated that year. Not only did she set a great example of hard work and dedication to the sport, but she also changed the atmosphere into a more friendly and encouraging environment, especially to those who were new to the sport of triathlon. Once she graduated, she then started coaching the team in the pool where she took our swim workouts to a whole new level compared to what we had been doing. During my first year of graduate school, Hollis started mentoring me as a coach so that when she decided to leave the team, I could pick up in her place and continue to deliver adequate workouts for the team. Of all the coaches I have worked with as an athlete or beside of as a coach, none of them have been able to make me question my limits like Hollis has. When I wanted to do my first American TTT, Hollis wrote me a training schedule. When I asked her if she wanted to do my first Ironman with me, she said of course and wrote workouts for us. Hollis has been a large part of my triathlon career and I owe a large part of my success and passion to her. While Hollis and I live in different states and don’t see each other as often as we used to, she is still the first person I talk to (besides my mom) when I decide it’s time to push my limits in a new and fun way.”


Thank you Courtney Richards!

“I met Hollis a year ago and that first session was pretty intimidating and scary for me, having never worked out in a gym before and being 100 pounds overweight, but she helped me through that first experience by listening to me and being extremely supportive. I didn’t believe in myself; didn’t believe I could reach my goal of losing 50 pounds in my first year, but Hollis believed in me. She has helped me to lose 70 pounds in our first year together! She would tell you that I did all the work, but I couldn’t have done it at all without her. She is the perfect combination of supportive and challenging; physically, mentally and emotionally. She knows how far she can push me and what I’m capable of. She has such tremendous knowledge of the human body and nutrition that I’m always learning something new. She gives me varied routines to work all the muscle groups and keep my body constantly adjusting and has helped me to understand what and when and how much I should be eating. She also has such a bright spirit, with so much warmth and kindness and an amazing personality! We always laugh during our sessions, which makes it feel like I’m not just going to the gym to workout, but rather to hang out with a friend! If you’re the type that would need a drill Sargent, she would be able to give you that. If you’re like me and that wouldn’t work for you, she would gently push you. She will tailor how to work with you based on what you would need. She is such an incredible person and I am eternally grateful to have her in my life, and not just as my trainer, but truly as a trusted friend! I would not hesitate to recommend Hollis (and I have) to anyone looking to lose weight or gain strength, mobility and flexibility because she has helped me do all of that!” – Courtney


Thank you Jacob Bain!

“Hollis is a wonderful trainer. While that is said about every single personal trainer in the world it is especially true for Hollis. What defines her from other personal trainers is that she balances her training approach to meet the needs and goals for each individual trainee. The balance that Hollis provides is another factor that sets her apart from other personal trainers. Instead of making you shift weights or run for hours, Hollis goes above and beyond by providing advice for nutrition, muscle recovery, and goal specific workouts. Overall, Hollis is the most balanced and caring trainer that I have ever worked with.” – Jacob


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